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Intro to Your Intuition with Dr. Deganit Nuur


We're all born intuitive. It's just that your intuition comes in as a whisper, which can be hard to hear while life is shouting at you.

In this 2 hour workshop experience, you'll learn exactly how to turn down the volume on life and turn up the volume of your intuition. You'll be guided in the very visualization exercises world-renown clairvoyant and metaphysical teacher, Dr. Nuur, uses in her own professional practice. These ancient protocols have been used for thousands of years by healers and mystics across the globe. This timeless wisdom has proved effective in intuition development, increased self-confidence, gaining clarity and powerful decision making that honors your values and desires. Are you ready for these energy tools to work for you?

In the first half of the workshop you will learn these tools and apply them to yourself. You'll have the opportunity to feel the difference between the noise of the world and your inner voice. You'll learn how to quickly identify and release all that is not yours, so you may resonate and radiate all that is yours. Expect greater authenticity and to be received with greater clarity and understanding.

The second half of the workshop is when most get their minds blown. You will have the opportunity to read the energy field of fellow classmates to help affirm your intuition. You will also have the opportunity to be read, so bring your burning questions and get ready for some profound healing shifts and for your perspective to be elevated.