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An Introduction to Access Bars® with Jósa Goodlife


Access Bars® is a gentle hands-on technique that is designed to quiet the mind and give greater ease. ‘Getting your Bars run’ allows you to lay back, not have to ‘do’ anything and just receive. The Bars are 32 points on your head which, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily can release anything that doesn't allow you to receive.

The Universe is endlessly abundant and constantly desiring to gift to you.We actually have to put up barriers to not receive the greatness, beauty and magic of what is available to us. By activating your Bars, you start to break down those walls and barriers.

While receiving a session you are gifted a new possibility to let go, just to be and receive. When the Bars are activated it will start clearing out the electromagnetic charge that holds thoughts, feelings, and emotions in place. From all lifetimes, spaces and realities.

Access Bars® can help you with:
• Releasing stress, anxiety, depression, aches and pains in body
• Allowing more ease and awareness in your life/relationships
• Allowing your life to unfold through your unlimited creativity
• Extended peace, joy, mental clarity, and comfort – better sleep!
• Raising your consciousness by tapping into your true knowing

In this intro class with Jósa, you will learn more about the background of Access Bars and get to try out some of the points on one another in 20 min mini-sessions.