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The use of roses are used in Mexican Traditional Healings. The symbolism of roses represent Spirit and Divine Mother. They symbolize the presence of the Virgin de Guadalupe; or Tonantzin, Earth Mother to the Aztecs. The spirit of roses offer love, compassion, and grace from our divine mother.

In this ceremony we will honor the divine within us. We will offer self-love, self-forgiveness and self healing from the guidance and love the roses carry.

*Please bring roses in the color that is most calling you, an offering to our community altar, and an open heart. A yoga mat, and a blanket for your comfort.

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Join us for a sonic immersion into the rich world of past life regression. Together we’ll explore the potency of sound and its ability to awaken us to higher states of consciousness through the use of the ancient techniques of toning, chanting and mantra. Through the sound currents of the sound bath we’ll tune into the frequencies of the higher chakras, open our intuitive centers so we may have a deeper experience.

A guided past life meditation will allow us to dive beneath the surface of our conscious memories, exploring our inner worlds through symbolism and metaphor.  Through our journey together, we’ll take with us, lessons, insights and guidance that we can use to enrich our present-day lives, and positively influence and re-imagine our future.  

Sound will guide our journey of regression, taking us deeper into the experience and expanding our state of consciousness to receive. Are you ready to uncover memories stored within your unconscious that resonate with you and can guide you in the present? Then come join us for this very special journey!

Sound Bath for Self Care with Basia Blonska.png


Join Basia Blonska for a deeply immersive and meditative journey into sound that supports states of deep relaxation where stress release and healing can occur. Reestablishing the state of resonance of mind and body. A gentle yet powerful experience. 

 Basia is a highly accomplished and world-renowned flute player and sound healer and she will create symphony of sounds to harmonize your body's vibrational field through use of voice, flute, crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, and various other instruments.

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Reiki is a healing and spiritual practice that originated in Japan early in the last century, by Dr. Mikao Usui. Through the study and practice of reiki you will gain a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you. Reiki Training will include: a whole day of in-person classroom time and 14 hours outside classroom time that are required to receive certification for the course. In Reiki Level I Training you receive your first attunement (reiju) and will have the ability to facilitate a reiki session for yourself, friends and family.


  • What is reiki

  • The history of reiki

  • Reiki precepts

  • Self-Care techniques (reiki for yourself)

  • Chair protocol (reiki for others)

  • Reiki principles and foundational practices

  • Meditation techniques

  • Deeper sense of inner knowing and tuning into your inner sound; answering the call from within.

  • Become more grounded & experience an enhanced state of clarity


  • The Sound of You: Reiki Energy Field Guidebook

  • Ethically sourced crystal

  • A 2oz bottle of Beth's signature Neon Calling crystal mist to support you on your reiki journey

** Please bring a journal/notebook and writing utensil, as well as a cushion for extra comfort.

Unlock Your Inner Purpose with Sara Nory .png


How many of us are living our lives with no real sense of purpose?

Everybody wants to have real happiness, very few are able to obtain it.

Everyone wants the health and vitality to live their lives with great energy and juice. Too often our efforts are falling short. I know of nothing more effective than Kundalini Yoga and meditation for all of this.

Through out our 2 hour journey of Kundalini Yoga/mediation practice and lecture together we will be leaning a few techniques on how to clear out our subconscious mind and how to break down the unhealthy thought patterns of the mind so it can it can instead operate as our servant and elevate your lives with true purpose and fulfillment.

Open to all levels of yoga and meditation experience. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle.

Sound Journey with Kai Altair .png


Kai Altair weaves together dreamwork & shamanic journey practice into a meditative soundscape with Himalayan and crystal bowls, medicine melodies, mantra, heartbeat drumming, tuning forks, shruti box, chimes, and other world and shamanic instruments.

The two-hour experience opens with an introduction to shamanic active dreaming & technique for visionary journeys; participants then lie down in a supported pose to receive the sound, and go on a 'test flight' using new tools.

In an atmosphere of deep listening, sound becomes the anchor as the body rests, the mind expands, and the spirit soars.

Transformational Healing™ (1).png


Channeling light and sound key codes from Ascended Masters, Angels and Teachers, Adalina East uncovers and transforms patterned beliefs that no longer serve you in reaching your highest self. In this workshop, you will be introduced to Transformational Healing™, a new modality that channels vibrational tones through your inner network of neurons to move subconscious belief patterns to the highest frequencies of joy. Please bring a notebook and pen for journaling and receiving messages from your Spirit Guides.

An Introduction to Access Bars® with Jósa Goodlife.png


Access Bars® is a gentle hands-on technique that is designed to quiet the mind and give greater ease. ‘Getting your Bars run’ allows you to lay back, not have to ‘do’ anything and just receive. The Bars are 32 points on your head which, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily can release anything that doesn't allow you to receive.

The Universe is endlessly abundant and constantly desiring to gift to you.We actually have to put up barriers to not receive the greatness, beauty and magic of what is available to us. By activating your Bars, you start to break down those walls and barriers.

While receiving a session you are gifted a new possibility to let go, just to be and receive. When the Bars are activated it will start clearing out the electromagnetic charge that holds thoughts, feelings, and emotions in place. From all lifetimes, spaces and realities.

Access Bars® can help you with:
• Releasing stress, anxiety, depression, aches and pains in body
• Allowing more ease and awareness in your life/relationships
• Allowing your life to unfold through your unlimited creativity
• Extended peace, joy, mental clarity, and comfort – better sleep!
• Raising your consciousness by tapping into your true knowing

In this intro class with Jósa, you will learn more about the background of Access Bars and get to try out some of the points on one another in 20 min mini-sessions.

Dream Life Hypnosis Sound Salon with Shauna Cummins .png


This salon will dive into the deeper realms of our subconscious in an Immersive Deep Listening Hypnotic Exploration featuring soothing soundscapes and guided hypnosis.

The experience will explore the healing power of hypnosis as inspired by its oldest use in the ancient sleeping temples of Egypt and Greece. Recreating a soothing and healing ambiance the experience will evoke the sleeping temples and create an inspiring space to explore the narratives, archetypes and motivations of our dreams as revealed in both our waking and dreaming states. Through intuition building exercises, a journey of free association writing and a guided hypnosis sound journey we will transform our revelations to transcend limiting beliefs and thought patterns, helping to facilitate our dreams into reality.

Exploring the Shadow Self_ An Energy Healing Experience with Jissel Ravelo.png


Are your struggling with self-acceptance? Do you feel like there is an "enemy" inside of your mind?

The Shadow Self is the collection of fragmented aspects of ourselves that we learned to reject, repress and cut ourselves off from due to our life experience. In this group healing, you will have the opportunity to work with your Shadow to transform it from enemy to ally which leads to reclaiming your power, truth and confidence.

We will begin with a group discussion, followed by energy healing and shamanic journeying. Techniques in this session will include: Reiki Healing, Essential Oils, Healing Sounds and Smudging. We will be in a friendly, calm and safe space for exploration.

Bring a journal and an item to add to our community altar such as crystals, jewelry or a keepsake that you would like charged with the energy of the experience.

Led by Jissel Ravelo, Master Healer & Founder of Vibra Wellness, a healing practice in NYC transforming stress, anxiety and trauma since 2011. For more information, visit