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In this workshop we will explore Metta , often translated as loving-kindness, meditation practices. Metta, in Buddhism, is considered to be one of the four Bhrama viharas. The Bhrama Viharas are the best and most noble home for our minds to rest in. We will explore Metta meditation through the mental saying of traditional phrases, forgiveness practices, and more personal lovingkindness practices. These practices help us shine a light on the always available loving-kindness within ourselves. All are welcome to explore with us regardless of meditation experience. There will be time for sitting practice, a talk about metta, and some question and answers.



The bio-chemical experience of Kundalini Disco™️ is different for every body. The intention is the embodiment of light, harmony and the amplification of life sparkling and dancing through every cell of your being. It is a sensual and rhythmic experience of your breathe and body set to modern beats. Applying the powerful technology of kundalini yoga and meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan in sexy settings we intentionally breathe and move with purpose for holistic well-being, connection and community. A safe space to move and groove with your highest intentions and socialize with spirit.

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Ready to live your best life?  The Universe wants you to be your best self.  Despite your past or even present circumstances you are meant to be a creative, dynamic, expansive, inspired being who is above all else embraces and exudes love. Join Breathwork Healer Regina for this gathering to help you move into being the best version of yourself.  Remove negative, stuck energy, balance your chakras, let go of trauma and old hurts, receive messages for your higher good and free yourself of bad patterns and behaviors. 

** Please bring a journal/paper and writing utensil.  Wear comfortable clothing.



Explore simple visualization tools that will help you develop your intuitive skills. Learn the basics of using energy tools to help you manifest more of what you desire, while letting go of what no longer serves you.



Do you feel emotionally out of balance? Are you seeking a deeper relationship with yourself and others? Do you have the desire to connect to all the beauty and love that lives inside of you?

Join Reiki master and breathwork healer, Laura Pensiero, for a dynamic evening of breathing to invite love. Breathwork is an active meditation using a two-stage pranayama breathing which leads to the release of emotional and energetic waste stuck in the body. Using the breath, you will release anxiety, limiting thought patterns, and tension around the heart chakra; allowing in love, compassion, gratitude, and trust.

Laura uses a combination of guided visualization, the breath and Reiki to coax the body into a deeply relaxed and open state conducive to healing. Pain, trauma, and energetic blocks are pulled up and shed physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Endorphins are released producing a beautiful natural high, quieting down the mind and allowing the body to be more present.

During this workshop, you will let go of the layers that no longer serve you. You will connect to your emotions and your inner well of love and creativity. You will leave behind whatever is holding you back, connecting you to your true frequency and enabling your best-self to shine through.

**Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a journal.