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Nectar Realm Series: Enid Ellen & C. Lavender

Saturday, September 21
8:00PM - 10:00 PM
$20 each or $30 for both

Enid Ellen: Nature Love Performance of Songs

Connecting to Mother Nature Enid Ellen is David Mramor and Greg Potter. It is a band and a character. It is melodic memory and poet words that allow for energy to open up, expand, and release. Come watch and sing and let yourself be free. David Mramor is certified in Kundalini Yoga and has studied improv as well as art. Greg Potter is a trained musician and solo artist as well as one half of Enid Ellen.

C. Lavender

C. Lavender presents a dynamic healing listening experience working with macro and micro tonality. Digital soundscapes will swirl above while Lavender activities intimidate mini acoustic soundscapes for individual audience members that only they can hear. Each experience will be slightly different for everyone. Enter a collective sound world while delving into a unique listening situation perhaps unlike anything you've heard before!