Rachel Edrington / Janraj Kaur is a New York-based teacher of Classical Kundalini Yoga. She is known for offering the teachings based on her ability to listen to those she is serving. She is known for her disciplined yet lighthearted and relatable approach led by her curiosity and vision for recognizing each other's highest potential. Her teaching and practical approach of Kundalini Yoga is one that has been influenced by her continuous study of sound current with Paramatma Siri Sadhana, Sat Nam Rasayan and her work and deep research of ancient Classical Architecture. 


A Classical Kundalini Yoga + Meditation Class

TUESDAYS 7:00-8:30PM

In this class, we work with transformational basic teachings of yoga to clear, settle, nourish and re-order the mind and body and reconnect with the essential qualities of our form. 

Feeling a sense of regular stress, mind clutter, depletion, anxiety, or chaos? Then join this class to restore your body and mind to new levels of balance, productivity, inner peace and well-being. 

Each class offers take-home practices especially curated for busy people to live more meaningful, powerful, productive lives.