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Arielle leads a group exploration of the heart-pranic connection.  A sustained 3-part breath pranayama that quickly connects one to Anahata (heart chakra) frequency, shifting our focus from the active mind. The breath is used to access a subconscious realm, as we oxygenate the bloodstream we stimulate the hypothalamus gland, and safely release endorphins to work through our chakra system, and to activate any blocked areas in the body. This is an active meditation and a multi-dimensional experience where much healing can occur- the process is cleansing, uplifting, ecstatic, and can be used for journeying in an active dreamstate. Arielle uses a combination of modalities to assist in emotional release and to reaffirm connection to spirit and unconditional love. All group sessions end with a gong bath, which helps to clarify visions, to go even deeper into a state of relaxation and to give a final clearing.