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Sound Series #3 Neon Calling

Neon Calling is a Sound Journey designed to Renew yourself with the healing sacred sounds of the gong, tingshas, ghanta ritual bell, koshi chimes, crystal pyramid and the grounding energy of the drum.

Each journey begins with a spiritual blessing,  and intention setting. Come prepared to lie comfortably on a yoga mat and bring a favorite shawl or crystal with you.

The sound vibrations of the these sacred instruments clear your energetic space; your body, mind and spirit will be blissfully centered and aligned. 

About: Beth Ricciardone

Beth’s journey to this inevitable calling began almost two decades ago, as a full time resident at the Cambridge Zen Center. Everything that has been cultivated in between that time and now has informed her practice: working as a hair stylist and educator at the upscale Bumble and Bumble salon in Manhattan to teaching yoga and meditation. She is certified in gong, sound healing, kundalini yoga, and reiki master teacher.