Saturday, April 27th

Dr. Maria D. Michael is a licensed Psychologist and a Lakota/Navajo Spiritual Elder who conducts and participates in Native American ceremonies. Join Dr. Michael as she shares a group healing circle ceremony/workshop called: From Spirits with Love.

This is an experiential workshop designed to promote individual and group healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It is a guided interactive process, in which each participant will experience a variety of techniques using light, sound, touch, energy and ancient wisdom healing techniques. The goal of this ceremony is to help each person come into a place of inner balance and alignment.


Saturday, May 4th

Rituals for Inner and Outer Beauty

Join Paramatma Siri Sadhana and Paola Atlason for a beautiful afternoon of kundalini yoga practice and intentional beauty ritual. We will practice Kriyas, Meditations, Breathwork and Soundcurrents to open the Inner Beauty Serums. With the use of crystal, sound and essential oil plant medicines, we will then bring conscious awareness to the Temple Body, sharing the Ancient Outer Beauty Art of Oiling the Skin. You will leave feeling radiant, vibrant and refreshed with a new understanding of the synthesis of inner and outer beauty serums as well as new effective beauty rituals to practice at home.


Thursday, May 9th

The bio-chemical experience of Kundalini Disco™️ is different for every body. The intention is the embodiment of light, harmony and the amplification of life sparkling and dancing through every cell of your being. It is a sensual and rhythmic experience of your breathe and body set to modern beats. Applying the powerful technology of kundalini yoga and meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan in sexy settings we intentionally breathe and move with purpose for holistic well-being, connection and community. A safe space to move and groove with your highest intentions and socialize with spirit.


Saturday, May 18th

In July of 1983 Yogi Bhajan gave us the practice of Bowing Jaap Sahib as directed by Guru Gobind Singh the 10th Sikh Guru. This workshop merges the Sant and the Soldier through the stimulation of the 4th vertebrae to raise the Kundalini and our fighting spirit. We will enjoy the practice of a spine tingling warm up with a beautiful shavasana. Bring what ever padding you may need for knees and a shawl to provide additional comfort during this workshop.


Saturday, May 18th
Suggested Price $200

Inter-Voice is a pedagogical experiment for individuals and groups of singers that dissolves relational boundaries between teaching and learning, performer and audience, and public and private. It is also the name of a draft text synthesizing personal anecdotes, online sources, and a three-part original exercise as a composite for vocal instruction. One's voice is a lifelong companion, and cultivating it entails subjective processes for each of us, including those of the imagination and the subconscious. Inter-Voice allows the ongoing discovery of such processes as we relate to our own voices and to those of others—redefining the notions of talent and skill as we draw on various vocal techniques, meditation, and performance histories—in real time. All experience levels are encouraged.